Friends of theatre

Amics del Teatre Amigos de la Ópera del Teatro Principal Isla de Mallorca is a non-profit association created to spread and promote opera in the island of Majorca. Born in the environment of the lyric seasons of the Teatre Principal, the association is aimed at increasing the interaction with the Foundation that governs the Teatre, and it participates in, and collaborates with, all opera initiatives that take place within our geographic area. The association intends to promote the participation of citizens in opera activities and aims at becoming a cultural reference in this area. Focused on stimulating and spreading the interest for opera, the association also intends to carry out a plan to increase awareness in order to bring young people closer to the world of opera as a means of survival of the genre. Furthermore, it aims at reinforcing the outside image of Majorca as a cultural tourism destination with the support of public and private sponsors.