Space rental

The Teatre Principal has various spaces available for celebrating events, meetings, conferences, round tables, professional gatherings, congresses, etc. For more information, call 971 21 96 89 /971 21 96 89 FREE

Great Hall

It is the historic hall of the Teatre Principal and has capacity for 833 spectators and the shape of a horse shoe. Its 23 meters large stage allows performing any kind of show and it has an orchestra pit with hydraulic spiralif platforms. It is divided in stalls, stall boxes, first, second and third floor boxes, amphitheatre and galleries.

Small Hall

It is situated on top of the stalls of the Great Hall and has a capacity for 144 spectators. It is a completely translucent space with a platform system that allows different grandstands and stage configurations. Illumination and audiovisual elements are arranged for each production.

Social room-Cafeteria

The social room and the cafeteria are two adjoining spaces situated on the second floor of the theatre, right on top of the main entrance. They are two independent rooms connected by a small access. The cafeteria has three large windows to the outside, as well as tables, chairs and a bar. The Social room, which is decorated with three Murano glass lamps, has direct access to the Cuesta del Principal. It has capacity for 100 people.

Espacio Zero

The Espacio Zero is the entrance hall to the Small Hall, to which it is connected through a wide staircase and a lift. It has direct light from the outside and an irregular perimeter structure. It is situated on the fifth floor of the building close to the audience entrance. It is accessible through the stairs to the boxes and the amphitheatre of the Great Hall or though the lift. It has a capacity for 80 people.


The Hall is on the ground level of Calle La Riera. It is decorated with old posters of the operas performed in the Teatro Principal in the XIX century and two large mirrors. It centralizes the accesses, staircases and lifts that connect the different levels of the building. Capacity for 80 people.

Choir room

The choir room is situated on the third floor. It has large windows that allow natural light to come in. It also has a piano and grandstands with seats that make it an ideal place for small auditions, conferences, talks or meetings. Capacity for 80 people.

Sala dels Cors

The social room, the Espacio Zero, the choir room and the hall are prepared for any cultural or business event. The theatre offers different technical illumination and sound solutions, as well as the possibility of installing walkways or platforms, depending on the availability and the space.