“NoSaltres”: experimental theatre workshop

“NoSaltres” is a project for young people aged 12 to 21 and their grandparents that examines and scrutinises their local area, considering the space, time and human experiences using experimental stage arts or performance. Dialogue between the young people and grandparents is generated through the observation and study of the neighbourhood (how it used to be, how it has changed, which are their favourite spots or routes, etc.). Using this material, a creative process will progressively be structured into a performance that can include voice, body, movement, sound, installations, design and audiovisuals and anything else required to capture and convey the emotions, visions and concerns of those taking part. The project is developed between the classroom and public space, where the research will take place and micro-performances will be created, with the possibility of putting on a final presentation at the Teatre Principal. This proposal is aimed at any teachers who wish to include the project within their curriculum over approximately five sessions, and also for young people who, under their own initiative, would like to work once a week throughout the entire school year at the Teatre Principal.

For further information: 971 219 699  / educa@teatreprincipal.com