New approaches Small Hall


Ginoide Baal



February, 08

9:30 p.m.

February, 09

6 p.m.


55 minutes


15 euros

New London 2029. We find Augustin in a global society where personal relationships are a privilege. He’s the Chief Technology Officer of a multinational company. Submerged in a work routine that fills his immense void, Augustin lives in anxiety. In order to break free from this monotony, he searches for someone who can integrate themselves into his life’s repetitive circles. The peculiar relationship with Nana, his new colleague, is altered by a new situation: a third party factors into their relationship and leads to him questioning his own existence. Ginoide is a show based on language that pushes back against normativity and runs away from conventionalism. It creates new ways of expression through combining dance, performance, theatre and technology. Since 2013, Baal dance company has created three more shows (Travelling, Crotch and MiraMiró) and have toured half of the world while also winning several prizes. Formed by dancer and choreographer Catalina Carrasco and scientist, biomechanic, technologist and performer Gaspar Morey, the company has succeeded in using language that will not fail to surprise and touch you.

On Sunday 9th, the show will be offering the Principal Menut service, a play area for children between the ages of 3 and 12. In addition, a discussion on Gionide will follow the performance, as part of the Principal Plus! programme.

Director and playwright
Catalina Carrasco

Catalina Carrasco
Gaspar Morey

Kiko Barrenengoa

Adri Bonsai

Code simulation
Marta Tranche

Costume and styling
Josep Pagà

Assistant playwrhight
Joan Morey

Movement assistant
Ana Buitrago

Voice assistant
Aina Compte

Stage assistant
Conchi Jover

Arnau Soler

Mariola Jimenez

Jaume Miralles