Music Great Hall


Estrella Morente Festival de flamenc Paco de Lucía



March, 01

8 p.m.


60 minutes




Between 8 and 35 euros

Recommended age

From 8 years

Estrella Morente refuses descriptions. Looking at her, listening at her, and feeling her is the only way of experiencing the intimacy of her art. High-stake stages from all around the world are witnesses of her unique voice. She was for instance awarded with the Ondas for the best creation of flamenco and nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2022. 

Estrella Morente’s high reputation and wide global trajectory as a vocal soloist have enabled her to spread her art and freshness through the world thanks to her crystalline voice.

This special night will be the setting for the opening ceremony of the Festival Paco de Lucía Mallorca, entitled Palma Flamenca, where the Granadan singer will offer us her best art in an intense and emotional concert. Her voice describes a full range of feelings, sensations and colours. In the Teatre Principal she is going to develop from festive chants she sang during her childhood, to the depths of melancholic love.