Photo exhibition

September, 5th-30th

The last few minutes before the event begins. The final countdown. The theatre is abuzz with nerves and dreams, worries and desires, uncertainty and ambition, secrets, journeys, energy and best wishes. There is the hustle and bustle of the technicians... fine-tuning the stage equipment. The audience, meanwhile, starts taking their seats. A glance at the program. Expectations intact. The show is about to get going. But actually, the show has already begun - you just can’t see it. That microcosm that shapes dressing rooms, corridors and backstage is forbidden territory to outside curiosity. What a shame... 

Three Majorcan photographers have broken the barrier. For several weeks, they have taken it upon themselves to “infiltrate” the hidden reality of our theatre... And with three different outlooks: Pep Bonet provides his well-seasoned view of the documentary photographer who has dealt with many of our world’s hidden shames: exploitation, drugs, hunger; Xim Izquierdo, his particular fascination with femininity and nature as a source of creation, chaos and harmony; And last but not least, J. Taltavull focuses on advertising aesthetic and capturing the imperfection in the simplest of things.

Their images paint a fresco of the Theatre’s backstage. A no-holds barred visual feast.  From timeless theatrical classics to contemporary experimental works, dance with the body as the epicentre of expression to the magical art of the opera...
A few seconds are left. Soon there will be nowhere to hide. Only the truth of your dance, your performance, your song... 

Get ready. 

Breath in... move forward... The stage is yours. Take it now!


Pep Bonet (Palma, 1974)

He is a photographer, documentary and filmmaker and winner of numerous international awards, including the prestigious World Press Photo. Primarily concerned with human rights and conflict zones, his reports have taken him all over the world to capture the inequalities of our planet on film.

José Taltavull (Palma, 1972)

He describes himself as a “continuous lighting photographer” who likes to capture the imperfection in the nature of things. He studied graphic design and soon after turned his attention to commercial photography, working with big ad agencies and prestigious international brands.

Xim Izquierdo (Palma, 1974)

After studying visual arts and communications, Izquierdo embarked on a career in artistic photography. His work has evolved from darkness to light and is currently concerned with nature and the female form as sources of creation, chaos and harmony.