Principal Menut

We are pleased to be able to offer you the Principal Menut, a free service featuring a play space that makes it easier for parents to come to the theatre. We will open the Principal Menut every Sunday whenever there is a performance, for children aged 3 to 12 years. Maximum number of children: 20.

For forthcoming shows, you can book a place in the play space during the purchasing process, both online and at the box office. Upcoming Sunday shows include:

- La Malcontenta (27th October)

- Irene i la terra adormida (3rd November)

- Nenes i  nens (10th November)

- My Neighbor Sky (17th November)

- Els bràquets d'Afrodita, l'acne d'Atena i la miopia d'Hera. Episodi III (1st December)

- Les variacions Bildelberg  (12th January)

- Wu Wei (Saturday, 1st February)

- Esperant Godot (Sunday, 2nd February)

- Ginoide (Saturday, 9th February)

- Carmen (Sunday, 1st and sunday, 8th March)

- Negrata de merda (Sunday,15th March)

- Así bailan las putas (Sunday, 22th March)

- Excalibur i altres històries d'animals morts (Sunday, 19th April)

- Lucia di Lammermoor  (Sunday, 26th April; Friday, 1st May and Sunday, 3rd May)

- Joan Dausà. Ara som gegants (Sunday, 17th May)

- Guaret (Sunday, 4th May)

- Els ocells (Sunday, 31th May)

- La flauta màgica (Sunday, 14th June)

- Achterland (Sunday, 21th June)

- Las canciones (Sunday, 5th July)

You can find a listing of all the season’s shows here.