Music Great Hall


Sai Trío

Agustí Fernández, Ivo Sans, Sònia Sànchez

Agustí Fernández Concert 1



December, 07

8 p.m.


60 minutes


de 5 a 20 euros

The Mallorcan Agustí Fernández, one of the most renowned and international pianists on the Spanish jazz scene, is returning to our stages with his Sai Trío, an original and daring exploration between free jazz and flamenco. The unorthodox musician, accompanied by the flamenco dancer Sònia Sànchez and the drummer Ivo Sans, does a triple somersault by establishing a dialogue between two genres that, in theory, seem very distant from one another. Free jazz, always irreverent in relation to tradition, and flamenco, respectful to the point of venerating tradition. Sai Trío manages to create a dialogue between two genres, it combines them and connects them through shared bridges such as mystery, magic and a genius that reaches the heart and stomach before the brain.