Music Great Hall


Sílvia Perez Cruz & Marco Mezquida Concert



September, 20

8 p.m.

September, 21

8 p.m.


120 minutes

Sílvia Pérez Cruz and Marco Mezquida stand at the helm of their respective projects and travel along a multitude of creative paths that go beyond music. They both felt that the time had come to merge one of these researches, one of these paths. In a totally uncontrived way, with no purpose other than discovering themselves in their songs, using them to talk about an artistic and vital time in their lives. Their own songs, folk songs, songs by other authors, etc. The songs as an excuse for travelling together and enjoying the landscape, the here and now. Ever since Sílvia Pérez Cruz and Marco Mezquida performed together in the summer of 2018, offering their first concert in the Festival de Peralada, the duo hasn’t stopped growing, like a snowball that builds upon itself as it travels along its path. Without either a specific starting point or an established end.

Voice and guitar
Sílvia Pérez Cruz

Marco Mezquida