Dance Great Hall


Happy Island

La Ribot/Dançando com a Diferença



September, 28

8 p.m.


70 minutes


From 8 to 20 euros

Happy Island is fruit of a happy encounter between the dancer and choreographer from Madrid, María José Ribot, and the Dançando Com a Diferença company, directed by Henrique Amodeo and working with disabled people. Based on the island of Madeira, every year it commissions well-known dancers to produce a choreography. They contacted La Ribot as they wanted this revolutionary artist to impress upon them a higher degree of fearlessness, to tackle a complex subject: sexual and family relationships. This play involves five dancers, who release their bodies and minds when they dance with absolute freedom. A communion that seeks a vital attitude and defends diversity without prejudices. It also reflects upon the sometimes traumatic connection between insular isolation and the thrust of desires. Furthermore, it offers an impressive view of the Portuguese island with its volcanic beauty and fertile vegetation, supported by the film especially created for the occasion by Raquel Freire. A tribute to this land and its people. Myth, reality and legend in movement.

La Ribot with the Dançando com a Diferença company

Direction and choreography
La Ribot

Bárbara Matos
Joana Caetano
Maria Jo
ão Pereira
Sofia Marote
Pedro Alexandre Silva

Assistant choreographer
Telmo Ferreira

Raquel Freire

Lighting and technical direction
Cristóvão Cunha

La Ribot

Artistic collaboration and interview management
Josep-Maria Martín

Francesco Tristano
Jeff Mills
Archie Shepp
Oliver Mental Grouve
Atom tm
Raw C + Pharmakustik