Music Great Hall


Concert de Jay-Jay Johanson Presentació del disc Kings Cross



September, 25

9 p.m.


90 minutes


From 8 to 25 euros

Jay-Jay Johanson will present, at the Teatre Principal, his latest album, Kings Cross (2019), with which this Swedish crooner continues to add exquisite songs to his repertoire, with a style that when performed live transmits a powerful and elegant personality. Jay-Jay Johanson has become the great crooner of the electronic era, an avant-garde Sinatra, whose compositions have a melancholic and suggestive air, with a great capacity for bringing out emotions and an innate skill for melodies. His soft and intoxicating voice, elevates his music from subtleness to sublimity, with sounds that resemble jazz, or even bossa nova. During his extensive career, he has toured the five continents and collaborated with renowned names in the world of contemporary music, including the Cocteau Twins or the German Funkstörung.

Jay-Jay Johanson
vocals, piano

Erik Jansson
keyboards, synthesisers