Dance Small Hall


Las Alegrías

Paula Quintana



October, 17

8 p.m.


60 minutes


15 euros

Paula Quintana is a Spanish creator with one of the most solid and personal careers at this moment in time. Winner of prizes such as the III EuroPean Contest for Contemporary Female Creators 2016 and the Special Prize for the Best Emerging Female Artist/Creator, she now proposes Las Alegrías, a coproduction with the participation of the Teatre Principal de Palma. Las Alegrías is an accompanied solo ꟷor a choreographed installation that uses happiness as a transforming and revolutionary seed. This multidisciplinary play conjugates Quintana’s dancing with texts by Roy Galán, texts that take shape in the book of the same name -Las Alegrías- published by ‘Continta me tienes’. Everything is surrounded by a skilfully created atmosphere with an eclectic sonorous space and a suggestive stage area, with the distinctive presence of a meteorite suspended above the stage. A dialogue that two bodies dance, Paula Quintana’s body, alive and bristling, and the motionless but always alive meteorite.

Show recommended for ages 12 and above.

Creation and performance
Paula Quintana

Playwriting and accompaniment
Javier Cuevas

Óscar Villegas

Lighting and stage

Meteorite installation
Tahiche Díaz

Amuhaici Luis

Production and management
Celia Zaragoza 

Marta Baeza-La Locomotora

Image design
Pepe Valladares

Technical direction
Grace Morales

Roy Galán