Dance Small Hall


My Neighbor Sky

Oguri - Andrés Corchero



November, 17

6 p.m.


50 minutes


15 euros

The Spanish choreographer Andrés Corchero and the Japanese Oguri first met in the company of the legendary Min Tanaka. After over two decades without seeing each other, they have resumed their alliance by creating My Neighbor Sky. The piece breaks up prejudices and categories. Their sources of inspiration come from figures like Antonin Artaud, Samuel Beckett and Karl Valentin. It addresses subjects such as war and migration. It was released in Los Angeles in 2012. It has since been presented in the Temporada Alta and Grec festivals. In the latter, they danced in the North Patio of Fundació Joan Miró of Barcelona, home of the sculpture The Sun, the Moon and One Star. Each per-formance is different as it adapts to the characteristics of each space where it is shown. Last year, they added the music of the Portuguese guitar player, Nuno Rebelo. Eternal and mutant dance.

Produced by Grec Festival de Barcelona 2018, Fundació Joan Miró of Barcelona, Oguri and Andrés Corchero. With the support of Graner, Centre de creació

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Idea, choreography and direction
Andrés Corchero

Andrés Corchero

Assistant choreographer and stage manager
Ana Pérez


Executive production
Fani Benages


Caterina Pérez 


Video recording and editing
Jordi Arqué 

Carles Decors
Pep Daudé