Music Great Hall


Manel in concert

"Per la bona gent"



December, 13

9 p.m.


90 minutes


From 8 to 35 euros

After closing the longest and most successful tour in their career, Jo competeixo (2016), in November 2017, Manel decided to set up their own record label, Ceràmiques Guzmán. The release on vinyl of their debut, Els millors professors europeus (2008), on their 10th anniversary, and the imminent re-release of 10 milles per veure una bona armadura (2011) are the perfect prologue for the launch of their new album, the fifth in their career, Per la bona gent, planned for the autumn. They form part of history, as they hold the record for being the only artists to reach number 1 of the Spanish lists three times running with albums sung in Catalan, and their nearly five thousand concerts not only all over Catalonia, but in places as different as the United States, Argentina, Mexico, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany and the Philippines. Today, Guillem Gisbert, Martí Maymó, Roger Padilla and Arnau Vallvé continue to write songs and upholding them live, without losing their capacity to surprising us.

Vocales and guitar
Guillem Gisbert

Bass and keyboard
Martí Maymó

Roger Padilla

Arnau Vallvé