Dance Great Hall


La espina que quiso ser flor

Olga Pericet



October, 26

8 p.m.


70 minutes


From 8 to 25 euros

Olga Pericet (1975) is a leading name in the flamenco and Spanish dance of her generation and is one of its most recent innovators. With absolute technical mastery, on stage she displays a harmonious and refined style of great expressiveness, which led her to win the Premio Max for Best Dancer in 2015. In La espina que quiso ser flor, Pericet proposes an artistic journey with a personal language that reaches deep into the unknown starting from the roots, creating a universe where there is room for female and male, humour and drama in equal measure, an encounter of human beings’ darkness and light. With fierce precision, she explores the images of a strange beauty stored in the memory, where darkness calmly lingers until the light eventually appears.

Stage direction and playwriting
Carlota Ferrer 

Artistic direction, choreography and dancing
Olga Pericet

Assistant director and choreographic advisor
Marco Flores

Musical direction
Olga Pericet and Marco Flores

Musical composition
Antonia Jiménez and Pino Losada

Sound design
Pablo Martín Jones

‘Cante’ (flamenco sing)
Jeromo Segura and Miguel Lavi

Antonia Jiménez and Jose Almarcha

Special collaboration
Jesús Fernández

Gloria Montesinos (Association of Authors of Lighting -AAI)

Ángel Olalla

Ana López Cobos

Silvia de Marta