Music Small Hall


Joana Gomila

Concerts a la Petita



December, 11

8 p.m.


75 minutes


15 euros

With Folk Souvenir, the singer from Manacor, Joana Gomila, shook the world of traditional music with her personal and daring style. Very few albums have managed to capture the soul of these tunes in such a reliable way; paradoxically, partly due to Gomila’s ability to set them free and reimagine them from distant perspectives. In her new work, Paradís, Joana Gomila delves deep into the spirit of research and experimentation that boosted her debut, while expanding the sound language of her predecessor by incorporating songs she has composed, thus doubling her ambition and throwing herself into an adventure. With her, there is nothing resembling a comfort zone. Her music is always a challenge. That’s what makes her so special.

Vocals and effects
Joana Gomila

Keyboards and synthesisers

Laia Vallès