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Romancero gitano

Federico García Lorca



January, 03

8 p.m.

January, 04

8 p.m.


60 minutes




From 8 to 35 euros

Núria Espert and Lluís Pasqual form a legendary theatrical duo. Terenci Moix brought them together in 1978, when the latter was starting to make his way in the exciting project of the Teatre Lliure. Ever since then, they haven’t stopped working together as a perfectly synchronised team. A complicity with Lorca as their common passion. They have both confessed their love of his theatre and poetry. The last ‘Lorquiana’ adventure to join them is the staging of Romancero gitano, a poetry anthology into which they have delved in order to bring out on stage the sparkle of its essence and highlight the clichés, as well as the guitar and its gypsy guitarist playing it. Pasqual presents us to Espert, who is living inside the poems. An event that goes way beyond a recitation: the actress personifies the characters dwelling in her verses, extracting the pulsating dramaturgy that is present in the basis of the book. The music of the Granada-born poet weaves through the performance, enhancing the spell. Love, mystery, racism, violence, sex and sexism… A whirlwind of forces that Espert distils with all the wisdom and truth bestowed by a whole life given to the theatre. Unsurpassable.

A productiom from Julio Álvarez and Interludio S.L. Special thanks to: Paco Ibáñez “Canción del jinete”, Teatro Real, Teatro de la Abadía.


Lluís Pasqual


Núria Espert


Pascal Merat 


Roc Mateu

Executive production

Alicia Moreno 

Stage photography

Ros Ribas 

Promotional photography

Sergio Parra 

Associate director

Marco Berriel 

Assistant director

Catalina Pretelt 

Technical coordination of tour

Manuel Fuster

Lighting technician

Manuel Fuster

Sound technician

Javier Almela