Music Small Hall


Júlia Colom i Toni Vaquer

Concerts a la Petita



December, 17

8 p.m.


65 minutes


15 euros

This duo has chosen a repertoire that feeds mainly off traditional Mallorcan music. Consequently, the body of songs is made up of folk songs that have been sieved through the musical ideas of the two members. This proposal is a tribute to their roots and the music that has accompanied them throughout their development as artists until the present day. It is therefore a case of removing the dust from their original identity and polishing it through close songs that can go far. Júlia Colom was only a little girl when she first entered into contact with music through different disciplines. However, when she was 15, she discovered her passion: singing as a soloist, moved by the magnet of jazz. She has performed in New York, Portugal, Barcelona, India and France. Toni Vaquer is a composer, music arranger and pianist. He has won several prizes: first prize in the I and IV Concurs de Jazz de Palma, a Honorific Mention from Liceu Conservatory (2012), the Duke Ellington Award for Jazz Composition from Berklee (2017) and the Dean's List in the Berklee College of Music (2015-2017).

Júlia Colom

Toni Vaquer