Theater Great Hall


Rostoll Cremat

Toni Gomila



December, 26

8 p.m.

December, 27

8 p.m.


100 minutes




From 8 to 25 euros

One of the last season’s highlights was Rostoll Cremat, a play by Toni Gomila about the human ambition and greed reflected in modern-day Mallorca. Rostoll Cremat is a proposal for reflecting upon our current society, based on the knowledge obtained from popular and universal literature: Joanet de sa gerra and George Sand form the thread running through the narration, with spatters of Shakespeare, Chekhov and Ibsen. A lattice of ideas and situations that uses the landscape of the tourist industry to draw a picture of the evolution of the inhabitants of our land, putting their contradictory ambition at the forefront. A production that projects a fresh look onto our most recent past, offering a new mirror for exploring the lights and shadows of Mallorca as a tourist resort, with an eye on the present day and looking into the future. This new text includes denunciation, irony, humour, truth and doubts, with the poetic staging of Oriol Broggi. After making a headway with Acorar, Infinir and Peccatum, Rostoll Cremat is Toni Gomila’s first large production as a playwright, where once again he deploys his authority and precision in the use of our language. A festival of words to draw with passion and humour a new backdrop of our collective identity.

Toni Gomila

Oriol Broggi

Assistant director
Joan Miquel Artigues

Toni Gomila
Catalina Florit
Caterina Alorda
Joan Toni Sunyer
Xesca Vadell

Guillem Gelabert

Stage area
Oriol Broggi
Rafel Lladó

Antònia Fuster

Audio-visual equipment
Agustí Torres

Sound space
Oriol Broggi

Daniel Noceda
Juanro Campos

Executive production
Fàtima Riera
Cristina Bugallo