Music Small Hall


Morganway Brexit Blues (Bonus track)



January, 28

8 p.m.


90 minutes


15 euros

Brexit Blues was a cycle that took place between December 2018 and March 2019, which were supposed to be the United Kingdom’s final months before leaving the EU. That cycle aimed to help the Majorcan audience discover some up-and-coming musical gems from the British pop, rock and folk scenes. As the deadline has been postponed until 31 January 2020, here’s an opportunity to enjoy a bonus track. To end the cycle, one of the best new bands in the English music scene: Morganway. The group is made up of six youngsters, including brothers Callum and Kieran Morgan, and SJ Mortimer, the powerful singer. Morganway has recently released its first record and is taking the pop-rock scene by storm in the United Kingdom.

Lead vocals and acoustic guitar
SJ Mortimer

Vocals and bass
Callum Morgan

Lead guitar
Kieran Morgan

Violin and vocals
Nicole Terry

Keys and vocals
Matt Brockelhurst

Ed Bullinger