Theater Small Hall


Así bailan las putas Sixto Paz



March, 20

8 p.m.

March, 21

8 p.m.

March, 22

6 p.m.


70 minutes


20 euros

In her 2017 book M’estimes i em times (“You love me and you trick me”), Júlia Bertran questions many of the ideas that have impacted her life: do we love how we want to love or how we've been told to? In addition to being the author of Así bailan las putas, Bertran is also one of the performers. This show gives centre stage to the main ideas talked about in the book: accepting vulnerability, contradictions, doubts, empowerment... We join Júlia Bertran and her dance teacher, Ana Chinchilla, in a unique class where we will learn all about twerking. We are prisoners of conscience, captives of the patriarchal gaze through which we see the world. This is the battle cry that will help us to change it. This is an opportunity for us to accept our doubts, express them, dig deeper into the roots of our behaviour and break free from our shackles with a simple flick of the bum. 

This show will be offering the Principal Menut service, a play area for children between the ages of 3 and 12.
There will also be a discussion following the performance, as part of the Principal Plus! programme.

Co-produced by Festival Grec 2019, Sixto Paz Produccions and Escenari Joan Brossa

Júlia Bertran
Ana Chinchilla
Jan Vilanova
Pau Roca

Pau Roca

Jan Vilanova

Júlia Bertran
Ana Chinchilla

Alba Sáez

Sound space
Clara Aguilar

Lighting desing
Guillem Gelabert

Paula Font
Paula González

Video desing and performance
Alejo Levis

Assistant director and producer
Clara Mata

Noemí Galí

Theoretical and practical material on twerking and booty dance
Kim Jordan Creations