Theater Great Hall


Guaret Colectivo Banana-Ros



March, 19

7 p.m.

March, 20

7 p.m.

March, 21

6 p.m.


80 minutes


Catalan and spanish


20 euros

Please note!    We have brought forward the Friday and Saturday performance schedules to ensure compliance with the current healthcare regulations. They will take place at 7 p.m. Sunday will be held at 6 p.m.

My father died in April 2014. Since then, I have been trying to fill the void caused by his death. By chance, Damià Huguet's poetry came into my hands years later and, all of a sudden, I felt that this emptiness began to be filled. The poet's words took me back to my childhood, to my roots and family memories. But they also provoked a sense of unease within me because I didn't understand many of them, even though they were written in my own language. This was the starting point for a theatrical journey in search of my own identity, which I am performing on stage in the company of the dramaturge, Joana, and the poet's son, Biel Huguet. Join me on a journey where you can dance to Elvis Presley, make a trempó, deal with family ghosts, enjoy the power of Huguet's poetry and the nostalgia of super-8, laugh at koalas and atone for tourist nightmares. And above all, it is a small but sincere homage to my father. It is a journey back to the roots. Will you join me? (Pedro Mas, original idea and performer)

A Colectivo Banana-Ros and WeNeverSleep production

+ Principal Streaming You can watch the performance from home on Sunday 21st at a discounted price by purchasing a streaming ticket.

Original idea and performer
Pedro Mas

José Martret

Playwriht and performer
Joana Castell

Damià Huguet

Visual space and photography
Pascal Proteau

Sound space
Mon Joan Tiquat

Lighting and production
Jenny Vila

Special thanks to Familia Huguet


Principal Streaming