Cinema Great Hall


XI Mostra de Cinema de Muntanya de Palma The Undamaged/Menorca, reserva de la biosfera



March, 03

7 p.m.


120 minutes



The Palma Mountain Cinema Festival, which celebrates its eleventh edition in 2020, is an unmissable evening of cinema for lovers of adventure, mountains and nature. In the Teatre Principal, you’ll have the chance to see two of these works. The Undamaged deals with the Balkans, where we can find countless rivers and ecosystems that are still fully intact. Recently they have constructed, and are still constructing, several dams to generate energy. A group of activists, formed by kayakists, photographers, cameramen and friends, journey through 23 rivers between Slovenia and Albania to denounce this process that is so damaging to the ecosystems. Menorca, reserva de la biosfera (“Menorca, Biosphere Reserve”) is a story about the natural values of an island that, 25 years ago, was converted into a biosphere reserve. A journey through the fauna and flora and some of the island’s signature landscapes, it tells the tale of the forces of natures of the one of the most well-regarded biosphere reserves in the world.


The Undamaged
R. Bregar, M. Oblak
M. Avgustin
Running time: 52 minutes

Menorca, reserva de la biosfera
Jordi Escandell
Toni Escandell
Running time: 52 minutes

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