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Excalibur i altres històries d'animals morts Hermanas Picohueso



April, 17

8 p.m.

April, 18

8 p.m.

April, 19

6 p.m.


80 minutes


15 euros

Following the format of a live television programme, this show highlights generalised paranoia and the panic that our species has descended into as a result of various epidemics and other catastrophes. A satire of our society that shines a light on the power structures and politics of fear and control from the perspective of the animals that will end up as the ones who suffer the consequences. A cloned sheep, Siberian reindeer that are thawing as a result of climate change and a very “spacey” journalist are the tongue-in-cheek narrators that tell us their stories. A playful and wild piece that analyses the fears of the world and the damaging effects that they have, all under the watchful eye of Dolly the sheep.

Artistic direction
Diego Ingold i Lluki Portas

Lluki Portas, Diego Ingold, Marc Homar i Gal·la Peire

Jordi Buxó

Original music
Clara Ingold i Mon Joan Tiquat

Josep Orfila

Direction advice
Pau Masaló

Costume advice
Pau Aulí

Production director
Gal·la Peire

Marc Homar