Theater Great Hall


Negrata de merda La Pulpe Teatro



March, 15

6 p.m.


90 minutes


Catalan and spanish


From 8 to 25 euros

Anna calls Nick a “black piece of s**t”. They are both 5 years old, and there’s nobody who can corroborate the insult. Nick’s parents try to convince Anna’s parents that she should apologise for the racist insult. One single phrase leads to the start of a power struggle between the two families: Anna’s parents don't think that their daughter should have to apologise.  The battlefield is set and neither of the couples are ready to give in. This triggers a confrontation between the two sets of parents which sees them argue, leading to a series of events of micro-violence which are so commonplace in our society: machismo, classism, xenophobia and homophobia. We see contradictory acts that we have all faced, the gap between speech and actions, fallacies which we hide so that we don’t have to accept our prejudices, our erratic behaviour and, at the end of the day, our responsibility.

A production by La Pulpe Teatro with support from Teatre Tantarantana

Playwright and director 
Denise Duncan

Dani Arrebola 
Catalina Calvo 
Anna Ferran 
Salvador Miralles 
Mar Pawlowsky

Sound space
Salvador Miralles