Theater Great Hall


Tirant Joanot Martorell



March, 13

8 p.m.

March, 14

8 p.m.


110 minutes


From 8 to 12 euros

Cervantes saves Tirant lo Blanch from the bonfire and Don Quixote claims that it is “the best book in the world”. The poet Dámaso Alonso considers it as the first modern European novel. Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa has nothing but praise for this work, the peak of the Golden Age of Valencia, written by Joanot Martorell at a point when Valencia was the epicentre of cultural and humanistic activity of the Mediterranean. While men busy themselves with politics and winning wars, women deal with escaping from the sexual repression imposed by Christian morals and lineage. Quite ironically, Joanot Martorell moves his progtagonist, Tirant lo Blanch, between these two worlds, filling his body and soul with wounds: battle wounds and, perhaps the ones that hurt most, those caused by love.

Co-production by Institut Valencià de Cultura (the Valencian Institute of Culture) and Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico (the National Company of Classical Theatre)

Adaptation of the text
Paula Llorens, a partir del clàssic de Joanot Martorell

Eva Zapico

Maribel Bayona 
Kike Gasu 
Sergio Ibáñez 
Antonio Lafuente 
Mar Mandli 
Raquel Piera 
Lucía Poveda 
Ramon Ródenas

Assistant director 
Iñaki Moral

Music and sound space
Kike Gasu

Lighting direction 
Ximo Olcina

Stage movement 
Charo Gil-Mascarell

Stage designt and creation
Los Reyes del Mambo

María Poquet

Inma Fuentes

Costume creation 
Andrés Barrera