Music Small Hall


Joan Isaac World presentation of the album "L'estació dels somnis"



March, 17

8 p.m.


80 minutes


20 euros

A lonely train driver drives a night train with a thousand carriages full of dreams. Travelling through the darkness of the night, he sees the world pass him by. Someone stood before the sea is watching the first light of a new day and before the horizon, their dreams awake. Someone who still believes that revolution is possible fights for it, for passion, for people and for things, the only way to change a world that is destroying itself, immersed in the brutality of global terrorism. And in spite of everything, life is once again reborn, the omnipresent stage. All of this creates an album of songs and dreams that are necessary to keep living. In l’Estació dels somnis, no train is late. International debut of the latest album by Joan Isaac, a musical and literary gem.

Vocals and guitar 
Joan Isaac

Piano, keys and musical direction
Antoni Olaf Sabater

Drum and percussion 
Lluis Ribalta

Jordi Camp

Josep Traver