Dance Great Hall


On Goldberg Variations/Variations Mal Pelo

Fotografia de Tristan Perez-Martin



May, 06

8 p.m.


70 minutes


From 8 to 20 euros

On Goldberg Variations/Variations is a show based on the music of Goldberg Variations/Variations by the French-American pianist and composer Dan Tapfer, who reinterprets J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations with his own improvised variations on the same harmonies. The dance, John Berger's voice, several original texts, the manipulated and multifocal sound of the soundtrack, the live voice and the video projects all combine to create Mal Pelo’s approach to the universe of Bach. The choreography plays with each performer’s particular musicality and the rhythmic and dynamic dialogue between the group and the space. After the world tour of María Muñoz’s show Bach, this show becomes the second stage proposal of the Bach Project, a trilogy that focuses on the study of the music of Bach and its relationship with choreography writing.

María Muñoz 
Pep Ramis

Direction collaborators
Leo Castro 
Federica Porello

Creation and performance
Zuriñe Benavente
Jordi Casanovas 
Enric Fàbregas 
María Muñoz 
Federica Porello 
Pep Ramis 
Zoltàn Vakulya

Goldberg Variations/ Variations de Dan Tepfer 
Les Variacions Goldberg de J.S. Bach

John Berger

August Viladomat

Sound space
Fanny Thollot

Carme Puigdevalli Plantès

Stage design and construction
Kike Blanco

Stage video performan 
Martí Ramis