Poetry Great Hall


Resilienza d’Amore XXII Festival de Poesia de la Mediterrània



May, 09

8 p.m.


90 minutes


Catalan, spanish and italian


From 8 to 20 euros

Rossy de Palma, an artist, actress and creator of all things from poetry and music to photography and perfumes, is the writer, director and performer of a verbal concert, a solo based on her life experiences, thought up as an act of rebellion inspired by her will to destroy everything and shatter it into pieces in an effort to find the wisdom hidden behind its façade. Just as if life were an onion and you had to peel away the layers one by one just to find that at the end there was nothing, only decomposing tears that you've shed. Rossy has felt alone, unique as an anachronism or error. She thought that poetry, dadaism, surrealism, her first friends and her first love would comfort her in her adversity. That's why, in the beginning, her work served as a way for her to love herself. Resilience is this ability to face and overcome setbacks, problems and traumatic events. An extraordinary interpretative celebration. 

Idea, direction and interpretation 
Rossy de Palma

Artistic direction 
Pi Piquer 
Rossy de Palma