Poetry Great Hall


Festa de la Poesia XXII Festival de Poesia de la Mediterrània



May, 10

6 p.m.


90 minutes



Twenty-two years of the Mediterranean Poetry Festival, with a slogan that is more radical now than ever before: "Poetry is music". Teacher Paul Verlaine makes it clear to us: "Music before all else". And we take him at his word and favour orality and trial by fire for the true master of poetry. We are a sound-based festival in which the music of the verses takes centre stage. The “how” of the phonetic textures created by this polyphonic space are juxtaposed by the “what” of the tales in which the events unfold. The wound is open, full of the body's material -love, the passing of time, disease, pain, fear of death, courage, passion, hatred, desperation... - that the verses weave together with winged words. Fourteen poets in ten languages will reveal to us their personal and non-transferable rhythms. Maurici Villavecchia, composer and musician, with his accordion soaked in passion and creativity, will accompany the musical voices of poetry.

Participating poets 
Arnau Barios (català) 
Mohammed Bitari (àrab) 
Silvia Bre (italià) 
Antonio Colinas (espanyol) 
Louise Dupré (francès) 
Menna Elfyn (gal·lès) 
Maria Luz Esteban Galarza (eusquera) 
Alexandra Grebennikova (rus) 
Souzan Ibrahim (àrab) 
Aurélia Lassaque (occità) 
Maria Teresa Ferrer (català)
Gonzalo Navaza (gallec) 
Dolors Udina (català) 
Ida Vitale (espanyol)

Biel Mesquida

Maurici Villavecchia

Marga López

Images and graphics
Pedro Oliver

Set design and video projections
Cataclístic magnèt