Theater Small Hall


Els ocells La Calòrica, a partir de l’obra d’Aristòfanes



November, 06

8 p.m.

November, 07

6 p.m.


90 minutes




15 euros

Aristophanes’ The Birds was first performed in the year 414 BC. The comedy explains the story of two rich Athenians who, fed up with the public interfering in their private matters, leave the human world and convince the birds to build them a new civilisation. Athenian democracy wasn’t yet 50 years old and Aristophanes was already denouncing those who used the problems of the people in order to achieve their own individual goals. 2,500 years after its debut, La Calòrica revisits The Birds to study the emotional mechanisms that make neoliberal populism work and ask themselves why it’s growing on a global scale. In this show, La Calòrica extracts the maximum comedic potential from its components to create a comedy that’s majestic, excessive, and sometimes excruciating. A comedy that uses the most black and absurdist humour to talk about the most political of topics. An eclectic comedy that blows up any attempt by the audience to classify it.

Joan Yago

Israel Solà

Xavi Francès, Aitor Galisteo-Rocher, Esther López i Marc Rius

Set design, costumes and lighting
Albert Pascual

Sound space
Guillem Rodríguez amb la col·laboració d’Arnau Vallvé