Extraordinary concert Great Hall


Omara Portuondo 90 aniversary tour



July, 25

8 p.m.


90 minutes


Between 10 and 45 euros

The Buena Vista Social Club diva “the bride of feeling” as they call her in Cuba, the great dame and living legend of Cuban music, Omara Portuondo will celebrate her 90 years of life and music on the stage of the Teatre Principal de Palma. This is not her first visit to the island, but this time she will be accompanied by a young group of some of the best talents and international figures of the new generation of Cuban jazz musicians.

The concert will be given under the musical direction of the prestigious pianist Roberto Fonseca, with whom Omara shares a great chemistry and strong working relationship on the stage. Fonseca, whose international reputation continues to grow, has accompanied this singer during the previous months as artistic director of her tour "El ultimo beso". Together they have performed on three continents.

Ready to become a nonagenarian, Omara demonstrates that she is a woman of incredible vitality. A few months ago, she received the Latin Grammy Award for Musical Excellence for her career, as well as the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts given by the government of Spain. Innumerable awards and distinctions have been a part of this diva’s career, but her best reward has always been the admiration and applause of her audience.

This very special concert, Sons de Nit, made possible by Fonart, which is always willing to cooperate with other cultural agents, creates synergies with two other festivals with which they share kindship. This concert also builds a framework for the presentation of the next musical exchange that will happen between the Alternatilla Cultural Association in the 5th edition of its Jazz Festival and the prestigious Cuban Jazz Plaza Festival in its 36th edition, which is going to be the most important musical event in Cuba. Thanks to this performance of Sons de Nit, a bridge of musical kinship will be built between the two islands. 

Presented in Fila U, for The Summer Festival of the Teatre Principal de Palma.

Omara Portuondo

Piano and vocals
Roberto Fonseca 

Andres Coayo

Ruly Herrera

Electric and acoustic double bass
Yandy Martinez

Rossio Jimenez 

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Sons de Nit Juny 2021