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Joan Miquel Oliver 15 anys de 'Surfistes en càmera lenta'



April, 25

6 p.m.


90 minutes


Between 8 and 25 euros

Fifteen years ago, Joan Miquel Oliver released his first solo album, Surfistes en càmera lenta. The years and the albums that have followed are proof that Surfistes en càmera lenta marked the beginning of a well-established personal career, combined with his involvement in Antònia Font until the band's split-up. As of 2020, he has five more albums to his name, not to mention his literary adventures in the worlds of narrative and theatre.

The songs written by Oliver for Antònia Font had already marked a remarkable turning point for Catalan music at the beginning of the century. Now the author felt the need to establish himself as the lead with an eleven-song album featuring frozen pixels suggested by the album's title interspersed with disturbing images (La mujer que mordió un piano) and the most elegant melancholy (Pallasso).

A repertoire that once offered us privileged views into the rear-view mirror of the great Emerson Fittipaldi and continues to do so today, jumping from the instrumental martian bonfire of Soy un lo-fi to a Pícnic tan efímer com feliç. All of this, driven by Rellotge, which opens the album, perhaps also helping us to understand the artist's reasons for embarking on this new journey: "clock calculator you make 30 years old /... / Clock you have your life ahead of you / clock you can't stop".

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Joan Miquel Oliver
Vocals and guitar

Jaume Manresa

Xarli Oliver