Opera Great Hall


La serva padrona G.B. Pergolesi



July, 23

8 p.m.

July, 24

8 p.m.


60 minutes


Italalian. Subtitles in catalan, spanish, english


De 10 a 45 euros

La serva padrona is the most famous and most often produced Opera buffa in history. At first, it was written as an intermezzo to be played between the acts of the Opera seria Il prigioner superbo by the same composer. It quickly became an opera in its own right and was played extensively throughout Europe.

In the 18th century, this short comic opera by Pergolesi caused a great commotion and it began a musical revolution known as the Querelle des Bouffons, which changed the course of the history of western opera.

Almost three centuries later, La serva padrona continues to amuse and captivate all types of audiences.

Maintaining the revolutionary and transgressive spirit of the work, this production puts forth a current and feminist reading of the opera, which, playing on the historical ambiguity, speaks about the invisible work of women, in particular housework. Serpina, the servant of Uberto, tired of doing all the housework without receiving anything but complaints and mistreatment, will raise her voice and take action. She will devise a plan to have her worth and her roll within the household recognized. In spite of the refusal of her master, she will manage to convince him to marry her in order to gain the longed-for equality.

Coproduction: Teatre es Born de Ciutadella, Orquestra de Cambra de Menorca, Orquestra de Cambra de Mallorca and el Teatre Principal de Palma
Presented in Fila U, for The Summer Festival of the Teatre Principal de Palma

Andrés Salado

Stage Director
Ana Cuéllar

Assitant director
Bernat Quetglas

Stage and Costume Designer
Elionor Sintes

Dramaturg and Stage Manager
Carme Amengual

Irene Mas

Simon Orfila

Joan Servera

Orquestra de Cambra Illa de Menorca