Theater Great Hall


La casa de los espíritus Isabel Allende / Carme Portaceli


Temporada 21/22

September, 25

8 p.m.

Approximate duration

180 minuts. With 10 minutes break




Between 8 and 35 euros

Recommended age

From 16 years

Isabel Allende’s novel was published in 1982 and just a few could have foreseen at that time that it would become such a blockbuster. Readers from half the planet have relished the adventures and misfortunes of four generations of the Trueba family, protagonists of a story that unveils the social and political movements in postcolonial Chile which dramatically ended up in a coup-d’état and the implementation of a relentless dictatorship.

A granddaughter finds her grandma’s diaries and starts writing her family story. This is how the plot develops by focusing on the stories of several women whose names are all related to the term «light»: From Nívea (Snow-white) to Clara (Claire), from Blanca (Bianca) to Alba (Dawn). The latter is the one in charge of unwinding the thread of the story, a story highlighting the idea of reconciliation, the attempt to conciliate both the country and the protagonists’ family.

Isabel Allende

Carme Portaceli

Anna Maria Ricart

Anna Maria Ricart, Carme Portaceli

Jordi Collet
Carmen Conesa
Inma Cuevas
David Fernández “Fabu” 
Gabriela Flores
Francesc Garrido
Miranda Gas
Borja Luna 
Pilar Matas
G. Serrano

Paco Azorín

Stage lighting design
David Picazo 

Costume design
Carlota Ferrer

Ferrán Carvajal 

Original music and sound
Jordi Collet

Vídeo design
Miquel Àngel Raió 

Sound desing
Pablo de la Huerga

Scenography assistant
Fer Muratori

Costume design assistant
Sonia Capilla

Director’s assistant
Montse Tixé

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