Circus Small Hall



Animal Religion



November, 30

8 p.m.


55 minutes


15 euros

Quim Giron investigates and integrates balance, sound, percussion, clowns, animal movement and astronomy in this production where the animal concept is the starting point, and it results in a grotesque parody of human primitivism and the difference between the sexes that is underpinned by culture. The intelligent rooster and the male for all the hens, the innocent pig among the abundance with a dominating attitude, the maternal cow with the power of seduction and the untameable colt. This range of animals is a commitment to constant risk, a spectacle that shows us the uncontrollable force that we all have within us and that connects us with our deepest animalistic side. Transgenic bodies, handstands, acrobatics in heels, cock fights and ritual dances.