Opera Small Hall


Les voix 'La voix humaine' de F. Poulenc and 'La veu sàuria' de M. Vila



May, 26

7 p.m.

May, 27

7 p.m.


90 minutes


20 euros

Les Voix is a double bill. A complete evening of opera. A dialogue between two pieces: The Human Voice (a contemporary classic) and La Veu Sàuria or The Saurian Voice in English (a newly created work).

The first shows a woman talking on the phone to her husband, who has just left her. She talks incessantly to avoid him hanging up and cutting the only tie that binds them together. Our protagonist, a woman, immersed in a toxic relationship, cannot imagine life without a man by her side to give her meaning. It is up to her to play this role in the break-up. The role of The Woman. That is, to be left devastated. In the meantime, he will rebuild his life the very next day with no problem at all. This is the role of the abandoned woman. This is the only thing she can do. Cling to the relationship tooth and nail or die in pain. For the woman, love is a game of life and death. But what would happen if our protagonist understood that she doesn't need this man? She has the capacity to move forward beyond their relationship, and in fact, it is he who right now is frightened to think that she might pry into this new reality—this power.

La Veu Sàuria is a response to the romanticism of The Human Voice. An empowered woman has realised that she doesn't need her husband - a prestigious biologist - and tired of playing this submissive role; she has decided to leave him. He is completely taken aback. He did not expect it. He doesn't know how to react. This scenario is totally unknown to him. Unfamiliar and unfair. And he doesn't understand how things have come to this point. How have the tables turned? He can only explain it to himself through the case of the "whiptail lizards", a species of reptile whose females have long since decided to stop mating with the males to the point of extinction. Now he understands. This is what must be happening. We will be given a lesson in reptilian biology by our professor, warning us of the dangers of certain empowering discourses.

Les voix are two opera solos. One for him and one for her. Two pieces of interpretative and vocal showcasing where our protagonists go through a range of moods. Two roller coasters full of humour and poetics. After all, there can be nothing more inspiring and pathetic than a separation.

Stage production by Diabolus in Musica with the support of the Fundació Teatre Principal de Palma

La voix humaine
Libretto: Jean Cocteau
Music: Francis Poulenc

La veu sàuria
Libretto: Anna Llopart
Music: Mariona Vila

Stage director
Israel Solà

Magí Garcias

Maia Planas

Pablo López

Audiovisual art
Tonina Matamalas

Stage design and costumes
Elionor Sintes

Lighting design
Alberto Rodríguez

Pere Fuster

Special Thanks to
Júlia Truyol, Aitor Galisteo-Rocher, Guillem Rodríguez, Pau Tarongí, Rafel Guardiola, Joan Miquel Muñoz, Teatre de Petra, Escola Ireneu Sagarra, Conservatori d’Inca