Music Great Hall


L.A & Friends

Noni Lopez (Lory Meyers), Jorge Marti (La Habitación Roja), Adela Peraita (Sunflowers,) Jordi Herrera (Satellites)



January, 06

8 p.m.


95 minutes


From 8 to 35 euros

In a unique concert the Teatre Principal has brought together several groups around the figure of Luis Alberto Segura, L.A. This concert will also have performances from bands and artists with a recognised impact nationally and internationally. L.A set the bar very high for the history of rock concerts at the Teatre Principal with its December 2016 concert in the Sala Gran. It will now share the stage with a line-up that is still being worked on, but that will undoubtedly be a truly great Three Kings gift for all the spectators that attend the event. An unforgettable evening!

Guests artists:

Noni Lopez (Lory Meyers)
Jorge Marti (La Habitacion Roja)
Adela Peraita (Sunflowers)
Jordi Herrera (Satellites)