Dance Great Hall


Mucha Muchacha Festival PalmaDansa



May, 04

8 p.m.


70 minutes




Between 8 and 20 euros

Recommended age

From 12 years

"I am a woman. And an endearing warmth embraces me when the world knocks me down. It is the warmth of other women, of those who have made this sensitive, fighting corner of life, with soft skin and a tender warrior's heart".

Alejandra Pizarnik.

In 2016 we began a process of documenting the female artists from the Generation of '27, "Las Sinsombrero" (The Hatless Women). They included Maruja Mallo, Marga Gil, María Teresa León, Concha Méndez and Rosa Chacel, who played an active part in Spanish cultural agitation and social modernisation in the 1920s and 1930s but were silenced by Franco's regime after the Spanish Civil War. 

What began as an investigation ended up being the starting point for Mucha Muchacha. Our first full-length piece focused on the concepts of empowerment, determination, voice, participation, freedom and cooperation. 

Mucha Muchacha seeks to talk about the now, about how we feel in this time. Quoting the journal written by Rowlands (1997), our creation relies on the three forms of empowerment: "Power to, power with and power from within". In this sense, the challenge for us is to express ourselves through contemporary dance and Spanish dance, but putting them in crisis for their capacity of transformation and dialogue with other arts. 

Mucha Muchacha is a dance performance about the present, a declaration of intentions about movement, community, femininity and ritual. 

Artistic and creative director
Mucha Muchacha, Celso Giménez 

Mucha Muchacha

Ana Botía, Marta Mármol, Belén Martí Lluch, Chiara Mordeglia i Marina de Remedios

La Tristura, Mucha Muchacha 

Lighting design
Cristina Bolívar, Alván Prado

Sound design
Adolfo García

Costume design
Ana Gabarrón (funny swing) 

Artistic consultant
Violeta Gil

Movement consultant
Carmen Muñoz 

Technical director
Cristina Bolívar

Mario Zamora 

Video projection
Iván Mozetich

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