Musical theater Great Hall


Con lo bien que estábamos Nuevedenueve Teatro



June, 17

8 p.m.


70 minutes




De 8 a 25 euros

Recommended age

From 16 years

Con lo bien que estábamos is a showdown, without winners or losers, between what we should do and what we want to do, between following the kind path marked out for us, renouncing our illusions, or turning the corner and pursuing our dreams, leaving behind many of the things we have always wanted to do.

Esteban and Marigel are happy and don't ask too many questions. They own a hardware store, and they love each other. But one day the theatre arrives in the village and nothing will ever be the same again.

+ Accessible feature This show will be available with closed captioning, audio description, hearing impaired magnetic loop and amplified sound with headphones. More information:

Director and playwright José Troncoso

Cast Carmen Barrantes, Jorge Usón y Néstor Ballesteros (piano)

Composition and musical director Mariano Marín

Assistant director Belén Ponce de León

Lighting David Picazo

Stage design and costumes Juan Sebastián Dominguez

Stage make-up Ana Bruned

Stage photography Javier Naval

Production director Amelia Hernández

Distribution Emilia Yagüe Producciones

Funció accessible

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