Music Great Hall


Mísia Animal sentimental



September, 10

9 p.m.


75 minutes


Between 8 and 35 euros

Feelings, that ineffable matter inspiring poets and artists from many different fields, are just treasures that lay on the soul. Misia is really aware of all this. This woman artist, a “fadist”, singer, actress, teller of her own stories and of those from others is the first one to admit that she is a sentimental animal. This expression, which constitutes the title of her new album, is also a new chapter in a widely recognized international career covering over three decades.

This work makes part of an ambitious tryptic: apart from being a Sentimental Animal, what Misia is trying to do is to put her stories and experiences into a book made out of poetic episodes, humorous and sentimental moments as well as little tragedies from her long life journey, all of them rooted in her own childhood. From 1991 onwards, all these elements permeate her successful discs as well as her artistic ambition, and -of course- her live performances. Her shows give her the opportunity to stage all these stories, songs and feelings, since the stage is the natural habitat for any sentimental animal. The concert to be shown at the Teatre Principal is completely inspired in the music from the album and, together with it, some brief monologues will be inserted in order to establish a connection between the songs and the stories included in the book.

Mísia: Voice
Fabrizio Romano: piano
Bernardo Couto: Portuguese guitar
Bernardo Viana: fado viola