Family Great Hall


Animalari urbà The Tyets



September, 18

6 p.m.


60 minutes




Between 2 and 12 euros

Recommended age

From 4 years

The La Bressola schools in the Catalan-speaking area of the South of France have boosted the edition and production of the first disc of urban music for children. This work has been composed and produced by the duet The Tyets, whose home city is Mataro, in the proximity of Barcelona. They have adapted the poems from the book Urban animal house (Animalari urbà  - Luup Records, 2021), and the disc has been distributed through all the online platforms together with a clip of the song El ratolí (The mouse), developed by Sebi Escarpenter and performed by The tyets and a children choir from the La Bessola schools. The disc was also distributed in a physical format together with the magazines Enderrock and Cavall Fort.

Artists from all the Catalan-speaking parts of Spain and the south of France have taken part in this project: The Tyets, Andana, Yung Rovelló and Ariox from the Maresme área in Barcelona, Baaldo from the Balearic Islands, Yung Rajola from the comarcas de Ponent in the Catalan Pyrenees, Pol Bordas and Malsòn Atmosfèric from the Girona area, Júlien Leone, Juan Galán and Roots from the south of France, Maluks from the Valencian region and Pepet and Marieta from the Ebro region in Tarragona.

The production of this disc came to light as a request made by the La Bressola Association of Friends to the group Enderroc so as to let visualize the work developed in the La Bressola schools in the South of France. The La Bressola Association of Friends is an organization with more than 500 members; its aim is to provide La Bressola with moral support and economic means to raise awareness of the activities developed there. All the money collected is directly given to La Bressola.

Direction, performance and scenography
The Tyets

Martí Sánchez

Adrià Reig