Music Great Hall


Oliva Trencada Presentation of the album "Cel d'horabaixa"



November, 08

8 p.m.


70 minutes


Between 8 and 20 euros

This is a record/book that sows the seed of a new sound called “Magical Majorca”. This is an exclusively Mediterranean sound in which music seems to rise from the waves of the sea. A misted-up sound which evokes mystery, magic and Nature. A sound reflecting the distance spreading from the continent to the largest of the Balearic Islands. The firstborn sings to the mainland through hundreds of miles filled with water, wind and sun. The distance covered by the sound is what gets reflected in this new sound called “Magical Majorca”. It is a sound full of brightness, of echoes, of interposed and slightly desynchronized voices, of forest guitars, of sounds made by the animals living in the lagoon, of blue magic.

Cel d’horabaixa is a peculiar work which includes the collaboration of many an artist. All of them magical and Mediterranean. Among them, Cecília Giménez (La Fada Despistada), Lluís Cabot (Da Souza), Joana Gomila (Folk Souvenir), Joan Miquel Oliver (Antònia Font), Carme Vives (Reïna), Roger Pistola (Pistola), Miquel Serra, Jorra Santiago (Jorra y Gomorra), Jaume Negre (Negrei3colors), Sofia Massutí (Escorpio), and Xisco Vargas (NeitWeight). Each one of them has either played or sung a song accompanied by the rhythmic base performed by Miquel Perelló and Michael Mesquida. All the musical works have been composed by Pep Toni Ferrer.

Each song is a poem written by our great poet Maria Antònia Salvà. Her poems bring back the memories of a magical Majorca where Nature, the countryside, ecologism and mysticism are the primitive protagonists. Olivia Trencada’s music mirrors, accompanies and suggests Salvà’s magical and charming world. Each poem is depicted by a painting made by six-year-old and three-year-old Marina and Júlia Ferrer. Their paintings are fresh, naïve, filled with children’s magic and full of details, perfectly portraying Maria Antònia Salvà’s essence.

Cel d’horabaixa is a record/book full of details, of poetry, of music, of plastic art and of stories which will submerge the reader/listener into a blue magic inside which the sea, the wind and the sun will bring us to a spiritual nature. 

This record/book has been dedicated to Jordi Cuixart and his family for their dedication to a noble and sincere cause, for peace and dialogue.