Music Small Hall


Les músiques de Zweig Caterina Bibiloni - Guillem R. Simó



March, 30

8 p.m.


50 minutes




20 euros

Recommended age

From 16 years

Les músiques de Zweig is an adaptation of the novel Carta d’una desconeguda (Letter from an Unknown Woman) by Stefan Zweig. It means a dramatized and musicalized interpretation of the two characters in the novel. During the narrative, we find musical interludes by Baltasar Bibiloni’s compositions for piano, violin, and soprano (exclusively created for this show) and by Miquel Brunet’s instrumental works.  

The protagonist, whose name is unknown, has been in love throughout his life with the well-known novelist R. It begins as an idealized adolescent love. She grows, becoming an adult woman who nevertheless remains captured by an unrequited love.  

When the protagonist’s life is disturbed, she decides to write a letter with the aim of explaining him all the truth about her love.

Story Tale and Adaptation Caterina Bibiloni

Story Tale Guillem Simó

Soprano Sofia Domènech

Violin Eduard Riera

Piano Miquel Brunet