Theater Small Hall


Hamlet 0.1 w. Shakespeare / S. Belbel



May, 27

8 p.m.

May, 28

6 p.m.


120 minutes



Recommended age

From 12 years

Is it possible to entertain and amuse the audience with Shakespeare’s Hamlet? Of course yes! This is Sergi Balbel’s goal, who has turned the first act of this tragedy into a real standup comedy. Or should we say standup tragedy? The monologist Enric Cambray is the narrator of this show. But they are not just explaining the beginning of Hamlet. This version also means a funny game where the actor plays all of the Shakespearian characters; he leaves fiction apart in order to humorously comment and dissect the text, but he also seeks to reach the core of the proposed questions. Moreover, the audience is invited onstage in order to discover the ins and outs of the theatre and the thespian profession.

Author and Director
Sergi Belbel

Enric Cambray

Production and Distribution
Roser Soler

Supported by Cardedeu Inspirant Cultura (Ajuntament de Cardedeu, Catalunya)


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