Dance Small Hall



Paula Quintana / Carla Nyman



May, 10

8 p.m.


70 minutes



This show gathers astrophysical, biochemical, technological and the so-called “occult” sciences on stage, together with the body and its physical and emotional experience. It portrays a dialogue between intertwining knowledge types, systems, and plans, breaking with their pre-established hierarchies. Huerto (Garden) is the ascent and descent ritual of a feminine body that pierces it all, and is pierced by everything. It is embodied by a mythological figure with access to an own galaxy of crops, desires, legacies, knowledge and scales. 

Huerto results from putting onstage the research task undertaken by scientific, technological, and artistic professionals, reinterpreting thus the human body as a wisdom source in itself. It brings new ways of self-reflection and existence on the stage in order to transcend it.

After Las alegrías (The Joys, 2019) and La carne (The Meat, 2020), Huerto constitutes the third part of a trilogy that concerns empowerment and body ascent.

Creation, Choreography and Performance Paula Quintana

Stage Director Julián Fuentes Reta

Text Carla Nyman

Doctorate in Chemical Engineering, Biostatistics Patricio López Expósito

Doctorate in Nanobiotechnology Xavier Arqué

Musical Composition and Sound Space Jose Pablo Polo

Technology and New Media Néstor Lizalde i Francesc Soria

Astrophysical Assessment  Antonio Mampaso (IAC Canarias)

Performer Paula Quintana

Design, Documentation and Graphic Materials  Noelia Varietti

Styling and Fashion Amuhaici Luis

Communication Marta Baeza - La Locomotora

Management Valeria Cosi / TINA Agency