Circus Great Hall


Place International Circus Centre For Artistic Research



May, 21

6 p.m.


75 minutes

Recommended age

From 12 years

“The searcher is awaited. The waiter is just found.” - Jaroslav Seifert

Only the poets can return to the place where they have never lived.

The cast is formed by ten artists from Sweden, Lithuania, Italy, Spain, France, Czech Republic and Mallorca, instructed by the international formative project Iccar (International Circus Centre For Artistic Research); while Peter Forman and Roberto Magno direct this work where they all discuss about the relationship between poetry and circus, focusing on the cohabitation of objects, space and scenography. 

“Our relationship with the object is even more important than the perfect technique. We can easily enliven objects through this connection with them. If we, as performers, believe in their vividness, they will also be alive in the audience’s eyes.” – Peter Forman

Produced by Circ Bover (Mallorca)

ICCAR – International Circus Centre for Artistic Research / Circ Bover

Peter Forman i Roberto Magro

Marilen Ribot Estelrich, Kestas Matusevicius, Eleftheria Lito Sarrigiannidou, Alva julia Jansson Harju, Jakob Jacobsson, Natasha Chauhan, Marc Florencio vila, Gaia Santuccio, Viola Baroncelli, Melina  Hernandez, Alzbeta Ticha

Technical Direction
Tià Jordà