Festival de Teresetes Small Hall


Quixot Bambalina Teatre



May, 20

8 p.m.

May, 21

8 p.m.


60 minutes


Sense text

Recommended age

From 14 years

The audience and theatrical critics from all over the world have already been fascinated by the one-hour-long show entitled Quixot, Bamabalina’s masterpiece. Two officiants dressed in black, a table, the combination of light and shadow, the accurate body language, and the nuanced music are intertwined, recreating thus a mute, but nevertheless eloquent Quixot, who is characterized for instance by ‘goyesque’, gothic, or expressionist evocations.

Quixot is alone at home compulsively reading all kinds of books until he becomes mad. This is the beginning of this work which portrays this universal hero’s madness, his love for Dulcinea, and his special relationship with Sanxo. Thanks to episodes such as the adventures with the windmills or the scene of Maese Pedro’s retable (puppet theatre inside puppet theatre), we are able to discover how Quixot mixes up reality and fiction until he is finally humiliated by those that surround him and defeated by his own demons.  

Jaume Policarpo

Carles Alfaro

Joan Cerveró

Puppet handlers 
Jaume Policarpo and Pau Gregori