Music Small Hall


Lava Fizz Els Principals d'IB3



February, 21

8 p.m.


90 minutes




Between 5 and 20 euros

Recommended age

From 12 years

Listening to Lava Fizz, a melange of English, French and Majorcan bloods, we become aware of the time they have spent in breathing and going deep in an emotional and raw way, leaving thus a relevant legacy.

Half way between Indie-Rock and Dream-Pop, the second album (Lifelines) of this alternative band urges us to delve deeper as they manage to provide careful atmospheres for the melodies of their songs.

They depict the brightness of the nineties essence, opening the possibility of an intense and powerful trip; but they also have the profundity of the dark English nuances and the enthralling return, moving from experimentation to more lively and fresh tones.  

There is alternative rock, sublime atmospheres, indie pop and dreamy melodies; David Goodman’s vocal work rounds up the melodic section and conveys honesty through the lyrics. The band is mostly influenced, without any complex, by bands from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean such as Radiohead, Broken Social Scene, Beach Fossils, David Bazan, or DIIV.