Dance Great Hall


Para cuatro jinetes

Mucha Muchacha



September, 14

8 p.m.


75 minutes


From 8 to 25 euros

Recommended age

From 16 years

Is it possible to speak beyond the times? Can you imagine the dance of the future? Val del Omar said that you have to enter the night to be illuminated with fire. For us, folklore is the night of this project: an enormous, mysterious, and often confusing place, expanded by legends, rites, festivals and dances that we created around it throughout history.

We will never fully know how they danced. And, perhaps, it has ceased to matter to us. Is it possible that two centuries ago, they sang to rockets that had not yet been invented? Does a tattoo last more than three thousand years on the body? Tonight at least, indeed.

Para cuatro jinetes (For Four Riders) is a work that talks about the body that is capable of containing the times... a body that is a rider and a horse at the same time, riding the fictions of our past, present and future in a humble attempt to better understand who we are and what we are doing.

A Teatre Principal de Palma and Mucha Muchacha co-production


On stage
Ana Botía, Marta Mármol, Belén Martí Lluch, Marina de Remedios, Los Voluble

Celso Giménez

Audiovisuals and sound space
Los Voluble

Lighting design
Carlos Marquerie

Wardrobe director
Carlos Carvento

Costume design
Rafa Garhes

Folk connection
Kike Arias

Ángela Calvo, Arian Yahyaee

Cante de trabajo 
Maria Rodés

Cant redoblat
Francesca Joan

Sound design
Adolfo Garcia

Technical coordination
Cristina Bolívar

Production assistant
Laura Cortés

Mario Zamora, Selena Martí

Audiovisual record
Alván Prado

A Mucha Muchacha production in co-production with the Teatre Principal de Palma. Made with the Madrid City Council Aid for Contemporary Creation. With the collaboration of Réplika Teatro, Canal Choreographic Centre, Eima Creació Creation Center. With the support of Goethe-Institut Madrid.

Magdalena Amengual, Pau Aulí, Mikolaj Bielski, Björk, Joan Cabot, Alicia Calôt, Josep R. Cerdà, Jaime Conde-Salazar, Violeta Gil, EiMa, Joaquín Díaz Foundation, Guillem Jordà, Laura Kumin, Alan Lomax, Miguel Martín, Chiara Mordeglia, Iván Mozetich, Belial Naranjo, Mariantònia Oliver, Manolo Oya, Natalia Simó, Fernando Vílchez, José Val del Omar, Isabel Vallespir, La Escuela de Invierno, Ca ses Moneas, Las Modistillas Flamencas, the Conde Duque team.

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